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We will be celebrating our faculty here on campus all month long with treats, raffles, and appreciation events!
Below are ways you can be ALL IN with us in support of Rectory’s faculty.

Ways to be ALL IN:

1. Submit a faculty tribute

Share a tribute or memory of your favorite faculty member(s), past or present.


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Faculty tributes!

Yvette Zahansky

In honor of Melissa Zahansky


Thank you faculty: To Dena Cocozza O'Hara for her energy, enthusiasm, supporting teachers and students. To Margaret Sbordy for sharing her wealth of knowledge. To Darcey Bastow for creating a dorm community. To Melissa Zahansky for operating in so many roles with grace.

Anthony Bannister and Cheryl Miller-Bannister P '25

In honor of Dena Cocozza O'Hara

The Cocozza O'Hara Family

In honor of Dena Cocozza O'Hara

Daniel Rooney '77

In honor of Brad Seaward

Dowan Kim and You Sun Won P '24

In honor of all faculty in gratitude for your support

Pamela Paquin P '24

Thank you for your relentless support of my daughter's education and personal growth. Truly extraordinary. 

John and Kathryn White G '18 '22

In honor of Jessy White

Bryan Windrow '76

I will always remember Dr. Slater, in the 1970s, dressing up as a disheveled professor and acting out his comic sketch during mid-morning assembly. He also would read the story about a haunted house on Brickyard Road in Woodstock, CT. The book was called Gothic Ghosts and was then located in the Rectory library.

Claudia Abbott '60

In honor of all faculty members, past and present, who have made a difference.

Joe Dong and Claire Sha P '24

In honor of Fred Williams, Glenn Ames, Evan Campbell, Alysia Labonte-Campbell, Donna Bessette, and Samantha Wiegel

Tom Succop '50

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, my dorm parents and surrogate parents, who took me under their wing.

Thomas Neal '83

I would like to share a memory of a tutor I had at Rectory School somewhere between 1980 and 1982, Mr. Wallace. He not only helped me in my academics, but he treated me with dignity. He made me believe I was loved, and that I was greater than my failures — able to be better and do better. He treated me like I was family. I searched to find him to write him a letter back in 2011, and Mr. Seaward kindly helped me get leads that eventually led me to him. My subject heading on the letter was, “From all F’s to a PhD.” That’s the power of education, of a teacher, and the power of an institution that creates the conditions where a student can move out of depression and stagnation to advance forward into a future full of hope. I’m exceedingly grateful to Rectory School for that gift. And most of all to Mr. Wallace. God bless him and all of you in the good work you continue to do.

2. Give to the Annual Fund

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