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Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors, comprised of alumni, past parents, current parents, and local community members is a body that observes and learns about Rectory’s current approach to teaching and learning and gives feedback on how the school can strengthen its position with its many constituencies.

This program is intended to better acquaint, or in some cases re-acquaint, our constituents with Rectory. It is our hope that BOV members will not only gain a better familiarity with Rectory, but that they will also share their enthusiasm with friends and colleagues.

This secure page is exclusively for members of Rectory's Board of Visitors. All of the information you need to be effective Ambassadors of our school can be found on this one page of our website.

Below you will find a recap of our spring meetings, documents outlining the purpose of the Board of Visitors, and important links with information about all things "Rectory."

2021 Board of Visitors Meeting Recap

Rectory School hosted a virtual meeting of the Board of Visitors on May 14, 2021. This year’s program was well attended and showcased how Rectory School managed to thrive despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.
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Recording of the 2021 Virtual Meeting

Resources for Board of Visitors Members