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Wolf Den Sports Center: January 26, 2024
Eric Bordua, Assistant Athletic Director

Amidst the crisp air and occasional snowflakes, students engaged in a myriad of sports, weaving a tapestry of competition, camaraderie, and achievement. Basketball courts echo with the rhythmic bounce of dribbling balls as teams showcase their prowess in intense matchups that captivate players and spectators alike. On the ice, the hockey rink becomes a stage for skillful maneuvers and thrilling goals, creating a frozen battleground where teams battle for supremacy. Indoors, the fencing bouts unfold with an elegant display of skill and precision as athletes engage in strategic duels, striving for victory with each calculated move. Meanwhile, the swim meets are a testament to dedication and endurance, with swimmers slicing through the water in pursuit of personal and team triumphs. Beyond the competitive arena, the Rectory community also embraces non-competitive sports of fitness, where individuals focus on personal well-being and holistic health. Undeterred by the chilly weather, winter warriors embark on adventures across snow-covered landscapes, demonstrating resilience and a passion for the outdoors. As the month progresses, the Rectory School's fields, gyms, and arenas become arenas for the unfolding drama of athletic prowess, setting the stage for an exhilarating January sports recap.


Varsity Hockey
By Coach Smith

Rectory School's varsity hockey team gathers in a focused huddle on the ice near the boards, attentively listening to their c

Varsity Hockey has gone 3-2 to start the month of January, with wins against Eaglebrook, Arlington Catholic, and Avon Old Farms. The two losses have come against Rumsey and Cardigan Mountain. Multiple players have stepped up throughout the month to put the Wolves at a 7-2-1 record. AJ O. Max G. and Kris. O have been catalysts on offense, scoring a combined 33 goals in 10 games. James S. and Jiahn P. have also played strong over the month, contributing to many Rectory goals. Ryker F. and Lukas W. continue to be solid on the backend. 

The Wolves' best win of the month came against Avon Old Farms. From the opening puck drop, Rectory was making plays and scoring goals. Aidan B. was impressive in net, making well over 15 saves. Rectory is coming off a tough loss to Cardigan, where they were up 7-5 with six minutes remaining. However, Cardigan showed why they are one of the top teams by not backing down and coming back and beating the Wolves 8-7. Rectory looks to get back on the ice on 1/25 as they travel to Fay School before hosting Fay on 2/1, where they will honor their eight members of the ninth-grade class. 

Girls Varsity Basketball
By Coach Bradley

Rectory School's girls' varsity basketball team gathers in a tight huddle, deep in discussion about a play on the court. The players

Girls' Varsity Basketball has gone 4-1 as of January 24 since winter break, 7-2 overall. We are off to an impressive start to the new year! This group has done a fantastic job coming together as a team on the court. They push each other in practice to be the best player they can be and are each other's biggest cheerleaders. This January, we have beat Miss. Porter's School, Williams School, and Marianpolis Prep twice. Both games were close until the end, when we managed to pull away to secure those victories. We fell to Woodstock Academy by seven but are eager to play them again in February. Due to injuries, some of the players have been asked to play new positions, and they have done so without any hesitation. Erin P. has done a great job shifting into the small forward role, bumping McKenna B. into the power forward role. Both have done a great job causing turnovers and getting points in the scorebook. We head to Newton Country Day School for a tournament this weekend and are excited to see what the team will bring!   

Girls JV Basketball
By Coach Bendall

Rectory School's girls JV basketball team in action on the court. A determined Rectory player attempts a basket while skillfully guarded by two opposing players. The intensity of the game is captured as players exhibit athleticism, teamwork, and strategic maneuvers.

January started, unfortunately, with the cancellation of our game against the American School for the Deaf, which left us with only two games for the month. In our first matchup, against Ethel Walker, our girls started a little sluggish--likely partly from our long layoff of games--and we fell behind early, scoring only 6 points in the first half. Following a rousing halftime speech, focused on being more aggressive and taking more shots, we came out and won the second half, though we fell short of winning the game. Anna S. led us in scoring with 8 points (including all of our six first-half points), followed by Lacie G. (6) and Nia S.(4); Arianna L. added 2 points to our total.

On January 24, we traveled to West Hartford to take on the Renbrook Hawks in a game expected to be evenly matched. Both teams had difficulty finding the bottom of the basket in the first quarter, which ended in a 2-1 score. The second quarter saw more action, with Lacie G. scoring 4 points, Abby V. chipped in 2, as did Nia S. After another great halftime speech by Coach O'Neil, we poured in 14 points in the second half--led again by Lacie (6 more points). At the same time, Nia (2), El N. (2), Gia J. (2), and Arianna all added to our tally. It was a great team win, and we are looking forward to another solid showing in February. 

Boys JV Basketball
By Coach Gimber

JV Boys' Basketball had a superb January as they continued to improve their fundamentals and understanding of the game, including offensive and defensive spacing, rebounding, passing, shooting, dribbling, and conditioning. In our first game following winter break, against the Moose of Fay, the Wolves got off to a great start and could not miss from beyond the arc. Fay battled back in a competitive game, but the Wolves ultimately won by 12 points.

In late January, Rectory traveled to North Brookfield, Massachusetts, to take on Valley View in a well-played, back-and-forth game. The Wolves played a beautiful brand of basketball, consistently making the extra pass against Valley View's vaunted 2-3 zone and hustling on defense against a larger opponent. The final score was 35-30 in favor of Valley View. 

Rec Basketball
By Coach Callanan

Recreational basketball continues to build on their foundation skills. This month, we have scrimmaged and focused on learning zone defense. We have also picked up our drills' pace and begun to practice moving off the ball. This is moving without the ball. We have seen a lot of improvement from Amanda, Tai, Alma, Allegra, and Asher, who have improved tremendously in their foundational skills. They have been more aware of their movement and dribbling skills. Jacob and Jordan have shown outstanding leadership and how to be a coachable player. We plan to continue scrimmaging and teaching them knowledge of the game. 

By Coach Wiegel

Exciting fencing match at Rectory School, featuring a skilled fencer executing a precise thrust to score a point against the

The Fencing team has made a huge start to the season, winning all three matches against ISAAC School. With returning fencers Grace, Esther, Jacob, Jerry, and Shion, we have a solid leadership team in our older students. Led by captains Jerry and Shion, the new fencers have reliable ninth graders to learn from and look up to. Our new fencers are Jun, Ailee, Ace, Kinaya, Jace, Clara, Megan, Remington, Adelyn, Kaylee, and Ellyn. Although they are new to Rectory, only some are new to fencing, already bringing foil, epee, and sabre experience to the piste this winter. Our team is led in points by our more experienced fencers. However, each match brings with it new challenges and new opponents. We have spent the winter focusing on parry, counterattacks, beat attacks, riposte, accuracy, and decorum on the strip. Coach Rodman and I are proud of how they have improved since December and are looking forward to our February matches against ISAAC School and clinic with Pomfret. We have our eyes set on the prize for our first Undefeated Season in many years! 

By Coach Richards

Rectory School squash player poised for a powerful shot, racket raised, as the opponent watches.

Since returning from break, the Squash program has a lot to show. Our developmental players continue to put in the hard work of building a foundation to grow, and our JV and varsity athletes have had the chance to apply these same lessons in competitive match play. Heading into February, we sit with a winning record and an improving side. Immediately after returning, we took on Fessenden. We emerged with an emphatic 6-1 win with phenomenal play from Lindyn M., Timur C., and Amelia W. Eagle Hill came down for our opening home match the first weekend back. Cheered on by our fans, we confidently took a 7-0 win, with Timur C. posting a huge 3-2 win in the #1 spot. Lindyn M. and Leo H. deserve recognition for dropping fewer than 10 points in their wins. At Suffield, we took on their boys' JV team and walked away with a dominant 7-0 win, which included four players dropping eight or fewer points in their wins.

Amelia W. managed to fight back a resilient #5 to help us maintain the sweep. At the Moses Brown Tournament, we collected runners-up honors in the boys' and girls' brackets. With our only loss on the boys' end coming against the eventual winners, we cleared the remainder of the field with all parts of the ladder assisting. Leo H. was sometimes untouchable, James Z. rarely ran into a match where he was off the pace, and Timur C. held us down with a massive showing at #1. On the girls' side, Lindyn M. and Amelia W. were by far the best two players on any team. Each won every match 3-0, and neither dropped more than four points in a game. The finals came down to a single match where we fell points short as it finished 2-3 to Dana Hall. Both groups of players deserve additional recognition as coaches, parents, and spectators commented on our students' positive attitudes and supportive nature. We've got plenty more squash on the horizon for the last half of our season!

By Coach Farrell

This month, the swim team has made a big splash with wins against Eagle Hill and Worcester Academy! We have been working hard in the pool to increase our speed, skills, and endurance while having fun. One of our favorite activities in practice is diving. Everyone is working hard to improve their dive entries, which will, in turn, improve their speed. 

Winter Warriors
By Coach Vollinger

The Winter Warriors have been enjoying a fun-filled season with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The team has participated in some friendly competitions during games, including Nitro-Ball, tag, balloon games, and dodgeball. The Warriors have also enjoyed the New England winter with days of sledding, snow building, and adventures to local attractions at Roseland Park and the Putnam River trail.

We look forward to exploring more sites around the area and playing new and exciting games throughout the season.

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